Are UV Lights in Air Conditioners Really Worth It?

UV lights have been found to be highly effective in reducing microbial growth within air conditioning systems. In fact, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to Niels Ryberg Finsen in 1903 for his work on the use of ultraviolet light radiation to cure skin infections. UV lights are one of the best improvements you can make to your home's air conditioning system, as they are inexpensive, efficient, and easy to maintain. Adequate air filtration is the first line of defense against the circulation of microbes in the air conditioning system, and when combined with UV lights, they can be very effective in eliminating viruses, mold, and bacteria.HVAC UV light systems use a special type of high-frequency, low-wavelength UV light called UV-C to destroy the nucleic acids that form the DNA of harmful bacteria found in the air and to disinfect the air as it passes through the system.

HVAC UV lights are also good for limiting mold growth throughout the HVAC system and preventing certain respiratory diseases. UV light has germicidal properties, making it ideal for disinfecting air as it passes through the air conditioning system. The spiral sterilization lights are installed so that they can shine directly on the surface of the coil and are left on continuously. The hole location doesn't need to be precise, but make sure it's relatively centered in the return duct housing; you don't want to install the light too close to the return filter. Mounting UV lights to all ducts in the system will require more work and is not recommended. This means that when the boiler or central air conditioning system blows air through the house, the UV light will turn on when there is no air circulating and the light will turn off to save energy.

The process requires accessing the coil cabinet or duct network, installing a lamp that does not have a magnetic holder with sheet metal screws, and plugging it in. More recently, UV lights have gained popularity because they are said to be effective in eliminating the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. However, this is not entirely true as particles can protect a microorganism from being bombarded with UV light. This is why adding a super powerful UV light to your air conditioning system is not recommended as it costs thousands of dollars. If you mount it this way, the UV light will remove air from your oven and from your central air system, if you have one. In conclusion, while UV lights are effective in disinfecting air and equipment, they are not worth it if you are looking for a way to prevent COVID-19.

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