Do UV Lights Stop Working? An Expert's Guide to UV Light Lifespan

The lifespan of a lamp depends on the manufacturer. Aqua Ultraviolet lamps have a guaranteed lifespan of 14 months, the highest in the industry. After 14 months, the lamp may still be effective, but the amount of UV light emitted is significantly lower. Typically, an ultraviolet or UV lamp lasts 12 months or about 9000 hours of use.

The light stays on for more than 12 months, but after a year of use, its ability to kill bacteria will slowly diminish and will no longer kill them, leaving your family vulnerable. If the UV or UV system is used seasonally (for example, for 6 months this year) and then it is drained and unplugged, you can use it for next year's season for another 6 months before having to replace the lamp with another. There are some high-end UV systems in the Viqua Pro series where the lamp lasts for two years in a row, but to be sure, check the manual, as most of them only last a year. It's well known that UV light is effective at killing bacteria and mold.

Places like hospitals rely heavily on UV light in their air conditioning systems to prevent the spread of airborne pollutants and reduce the number of infections. But there are some drawbacks to using UV light in certain locations. If the drain pan is plastic, UV light will degrade it and possibly the surrounding wiring. A UV LED nail lamp stops working for three possible causes: The connection where the pin of the power adapter connects to the base of the lamp is dirty, the adapter that supplies power to the LED nail lamp is no longer working, or the internal electronic circuit board is not working properly. These general problems cause a decrease in the intensity of UV light, mainly due to the deterioration of the lamp and the transparency of the quartz body.

Approximately 60% of the UV radiation that hits the substrate is actually reflected UV. Radiation loss causes significant loss of UV curing results. Installing ultraviolet (UV) lighting in air conditioning systems is currently a big trend throughout Northern Virginia, Central Virginia, Southern Maryland, and Washington DC. To understand why, you first need to know that UV light needs what's called dwell time to kill mold and bacteria. When a UV lamp stops curing within the UV system, it's usually due to one of the few most common occurrences. To install a UV lamp under the evaporator coil, it is necessary to drill a hole in an area where a lot of very expensive components are located.

The only way a UV light can eliminate mold in an air conditioning system is by installing it below the evaporator coil and above the drip tray. I have spoken to several experts in the field and they have assured me that UV LEDs will probably emit a constant amount of UV rays for at least 3 years, which is pretty good. However, due to lack of knowledge about mold from some companies, they often install UV light in an incorrect part of an air conditioning system. The UV lamp has overheated due to poor air circulation within the UV system. This is more common in longer lamps because of their greater need for air flow across a larger surface area.

Devitrification is manifested in white spots on quartz body surfaces which reduces quartz transparency to UV light. If this happens, then it won't reach its maximum intensity and won't be able to cure inks, adhesives and varnishes properly. Air duct companies usually install UV light in air ducts; air conditioning companies usually install UV light above the evaporator coil. All they know is that a) UV light can kill mold and b) installing it is a very profitable upsell. When installed under an evaporator coil, it comes into direct contact with both it and its drip tray - if installed elsewhere then it won't reach all dirt accumulations at its bottom. It's important to understand how long your particular type of UV light will last before needing replacement so you can ensure your family's safety from bacteria and mold.

Aqua Ultraviolet lamps have a guaranteed lifespan of 14 months while other types may last up to two years depending on their usage and maintenance. If you're using your UV light seasonally or if you're unsure about its lifespan then make sure you check your manual or contact an expert for advice. When installing UV lights, make sure you know exactly where they should be placed so they can work effectively without damaging any components or wiring around them. Also make sure you understand how long they should last before needing replacement so you can keep your family safe from bacteria and mold.

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